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every point counts!!! any amount is fine with me!!!
It would make me super happy!!! :squee:
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One Spirit :D
United States
Chase by elezya

HEY!!! my name is Zelina AKA: Selene or SeleneWolf and im 18 years old. I love wolves!!!! but i also love dogs, actually i like all animals!!! but mostly wolves :D Ive always drawn since i can remember. i also love to write poetry. it helps me speak about how i feel inside.
i also love creative writing, making up my own storys and mostly all my storys involve wolves :)maybe in the future i'll post my stories here.
also im pretty easy to talk to so if your feeling sad about some thing or anything u can send me a note. ill always be there for anyone!!!!!
when your friends with me, your friends with me for life!!! That's what i always say haha :D
well thank you for visting my page, hope u enjoy it!!! :happybounce:

Instagram: Selene2025

My Wattpad:… (this is where my writing is)


My Fursonas:

Selene: Icon Commission: Selene by BipolarWolfy Spirit: Icon Commission: Spirit by BipolarWolfy Azrael: Icon Point Commission: Azrael by BipolarWolfy Chase: Icon Commission: Chase by BipolarWolfy

my idols: (no order)
:iconnatsumewolf: :iconbantamwolf: :iconsally-ce: :iconskywolffang: :iconazurehowlshilach: :iconlucky978: :iconvictoriwind: :iconsaidywolf: :iconivestro: :iconmarina-okami: :iconsmaoi: :iconr-ior: :iconeeveegirl10: and more!

My besties on DA: (no order)
:iconclavacatta: :iconkeslertortiose: :iconbullenthebullen2: :iconsilver-metalwolf13: :iconbluespiritwolf6: :iconredsoulwolf13: :iconkikowolf99: :iconruetris: :iconbantamwolf: :iconcyanide-skies: :iconnoragamiii: :iconxrainbowdawnx: :iconauroraraw: :iconwhitewolf--84: :iconayko-wolf: :iconeeveegirl10: :icon2saphira2: and more!

Friends i knw offline:
:iconutterlybroken: :iconstrawberriepeach:
Ace icon by embea-icons I'm still alive by NarcissistiKk

:iconeeveegirl10: made my lovely Profile pic!


Q and A for Chase/X by SeleneWolf25
Q and A for Chase/X
Answer for: 2Saphira2 

Selene: Who are my Friends? I don't understand. Everyone is my friend *smiles* 

Azrael: Really? I didn't know that... cool

Saito: Friends?? I don't know... I don't really want a friends...I want a brother (that one close friend/best friend is what he means)

I hope its okay with you if I answer the other questions in words. ^^;

Hope you like it!! :) :heart:

Characters are all mine ^^
X's 2015 ref by SeleneWolf25
X's 2015 ref

Gender: male

Age: 18 yrs old (immortal) 

Species: Demon Wolf

personality: (mean, selfish, demanding, always angry but deep in his heart he is kind its just his demon side took control) sneaky, cunning, smart, stubborn

likes: (take control, fighting, power, killing, <---his demon side) Blood, pranks, shadows, breaking rules

dislikes: hates laughter, feeling weak, treated as a kid

Mother: Sira
Father: Azi 
Siblings: None (that he knows of)

Background story: 
Both his parents abandoned him when he was a pup. Since then he has been fending for himself. He has trust issues and he's stubborn. He basically hates adults because what happened with his parents. He never listen to the rules, he's always had to steals food to survive.

Mate: Single

i hope u like him! 

oh and his eyes are light green but some flakes of gold in them, just thought i would let u know ^^
Romantic evening by SeleneWolf25
Romantic evening
i thought about 2Saphira2 comment: //gives Chase and Stella a bubble bath with roses in it c:

and I thought I'd draw it :) 

I know it looks kind of weird cuz of their size and the bath size... 

Anyways I hope you like it :D :heart:

Stella: :icon2saphira2:

Chase: Mine

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KarnivalofKarnag Featured By Owner 2 days ago
*le tackles you* GAH I LOVE YOU'RE ART!!! You're awesome, Selene!! Just wanting to let ya know that!!
SeleneWolf25 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
*smiles* Awww thank you sooooo much!!!!! <3333 It really means alot to hear you say that! *tightly hugs you* You really made my day!! ^^
KarnivalofKarnag Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Lol, you're very welcome! :iconsupertighthugplz: Haha glad I made you're day!
2Saphira2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
//flings at Stella at you

SeleneWolf25 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
//Catches Stella

What was that for? :confused:
2Saphira2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
i just feel like throwing things xD

SeleneWolf25 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
hehe okay ^^

Chase: hurry! give her to me *takes Stella then runs away* haha she's mine now!!! >:)
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animeokamidrawer Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
.0. I love your art! Omg! I will lick it I swear
SeleneWolf25 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Awwww you're too kind! ^^ Im sooo happy you like my art :D your comment just made my day. Thank you! :hug:
animeokamidrawer Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome! And really? ;o; oh yuuuus! I fell accomplished at life! *dances* like, I can die peacefully XD
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